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Slightly confused and overwhelmed about how to promote your business? 
Let us help cut through the clutter and put the spotlight on you!

Intro to PR and Marketing: Class Is in Session!
Understanding the fundamental elements of PR and marketing are important to know to better understand how both can help your business grow and ultimately, influence your bottom line.

At Echo, we provide an informational overview of PR and marketing, where we can discuss the benefits of traditional and social media activities for your business.

Whether you decide you are ready to incorporate PR and marketing activities into your business strategy or not, let’s chat about what may work best for you!

Company and Brand Positioning: Find the Right Message
In your ideal world, what do you want customers to think of when they hear about your company and brand?

A clear and concise positioning strategy is the foundation to effectively communicating your company and brand to consumers.


  • Build company and brand reliability through consistent messaging in all communications activities
  • Position your product or service as the solution to the consumer’s problem
  • Set yourself apart from competitors and get noticed in a crowded marketplace

​​Spokesperson Preparation: Equip Your Leaders and Partners
As a clear positioning strategy is decided, it is then time to ensure all company and external spokespersons are well-equipped to speak about the company and/or brand to the media and other target audiences.

At Echo, we develop customized key messages for spokespersons (internal and external) and conduct training sessions with individual spokespeople to ensure they are on the same page and ready to effectively communicate your strategy to all that matter to your business. 

It is important that all the “faces” of your business are ready for their close up!


  • Avoid confusion among target audiences by ensuring all company representatives are communicating
      consistent messaging

  • Capitalize on immediate opportunities that present themselves (e.g., offer a company spokesperson to discuss a
      hot news topic that is relevant to your business)

Materials Development: Reach Your Customers
Whether communicating to prospective customers, media, third parties/potential partners, or your own employees, all company and branding materials need to reflect consistent messaging.

These materials can vary from the company website, press release, informational brochure, product fact sheet, employee newsletter, blog post, company Facebook page or even a Tweet!

Bottom line – Whether a formal press release or a simple Tweet, make sure to chirp a similar tune!

  • Engage your target audience, so they want to know more

  • Spread the word about your business, so you are top of mind

  • Maximize your budget by developing multi-purpose materials

Media Relations (Traditional and Social Media): Promote Your Business
Media is a powerful tool for communicating your message to larger groups of customers and influencers.

Having your business featured in your local newspaper, securing an interview with a television or radio station or having a popular yet credible blogger rave about product or service are cost-effective ways to build awareness.

  • Share your message with varied target audiences

  • Create a buzz by having credible news formats talk about your business

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field

Social Media Management: Virtual Word-Of-Mouth
As more and more, consumers are turning to social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs) for information and communication, it is imperative for small businesses to be accessible to its target audiences. 

Everyone is hip to the social media era…even our grandparents!


We think it’s high time you learn why the terms “hashtag,” “status update,” and “click to like” are important to your business.

At Echo, we can work with you to develop a specific online media strategy plan to meet your overall business objectives.

  • There are currently more than 1 billion Facebook users and nearly 500 million Twitter accounts. 
      Imagine how many folks you can reach through these formats!

  • Leverage the opportunity to hear directly from target audiences about their needs

  • Relate to your public and develop relationships to help increase loyalty among those who matter to you

Event Planning: Drive Attendance
Coordinating events such as fundraisers, community gatherings, trade shows, grand openings, etc., are great opportunities to increase traffic to your business.

  • Build awareness of your business and its benefits

  • Connect with key prospects who can build word-of-mouth well beyond the event

  • Showcase your philanthropic side

Partnership Building: Expand Your Customer Base
Collaborations with trusted, established organizations who share a similar vision can help maximize efforts on various fronts.  In some cases, they can be your biggest advocates, and we all get by with a little help from our friends.


  • Find partners that would be the ideal fit for your business and connect with them through your unique value
  • Reach new customers through partners who are established in the industry
  • Leverage relationship as positive reflection of your business

Campaign Management: Grow Your Long-term Business
Successful PR and marketing goes beyond one announcement or activity. In developing and executing campaigns to meet specific business objectives, we put together a detailed public relations plan that will strengthen your voice and build your company’s reputation over time.

You deserve more than one moment in time!


  • Continually grow your business
  • Focus on the many other responsibilities of your company, while we oversee your communications activities
  • Continuously gauge results to quickly adapt communications efforts in an ever changing market

Want to hear more?  Click here to reach us!

​Hey Echo, what have you done for me lately?

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