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"Reena represents best in class as a consultant. She has an amazing background in PR management and we have been working together for over three years now - her experience in the pharmaceutical industry makes her indispensable. She is by far one of the best if not the best Health care PR person I have worked with in my career in pharmaceuticals - including in house and consulting PR at firms like Pfizer and Merck.


She is open honest, hard working, clever and resourceful. She goes above and beyond - and cares about the product in a way that makes her a sounding board for us as a company as we make strategic decisions. I see Reena as my right hand in much of what I do as I develop marketing strategy for VR1. She deserves the highest recommendation I can give."

-VR1, Inc CEO Anjan Chatterjee, MD, MPH, MBA


"Wizard World, producers of the largest number of pop culture conventions in North America, worked with Reena on local public relations and marketing efforts for our Raleigh event in March. Her knowledge of the region and ability to make connections between the event assets (celebrities, artists, writers, cosplayers, exhibitors) helped make the event a huge success, with extensive TV, print and digital coverage as well as a strong series of media and other partnerships. She consistently demonstrated the ability and willingness to do all the things needed and more."

       -Wizard World Comic Con PR Jerry Milani 

"Reena is the consummate professional. Very creative, a team player, responsive and delivers results. Over the years, I've been able to work with Reena on one-off projects or fully integrate her into my team during campaigns - both scenarios she knocked out of the park. If you're looking for a smart, thoughtful, buttoned up PR professional whose skills run the gamut, Reena is definitely the right choice."

   -Wise Health Communications Founder Kimberly Wise 

"We've worked with Reena on several campaigns for a major client, and she's never let us down. Reena easily catches on to any project and contributes with professionalism and ease. Having her on my team provides increased productivity and amazing results every time. She is friendly, reliable, and a consummate professional with a superior work ethic. Reena is an exceptional strategic thinker when it comes to media relations, and she is fantastic at client relations as well. I would highly recommend her."

    -SWPR Founder Stephanie Wolf 

"As a start-up, we are always very careful about how to spend our money. However, we faced a major challenge in getting our name out there. We partnered up with Echo Public Relations and the difference was almost immediate! Jet Pitch was featured in numerous print media sources and television. Echo worked tirelessly to ensure we got on the map."

-Jet Pitch Founder Vinay Kolluru​

“For our first true PR effort at LDI, we worked with Echo Public Relations to create a buzz about an important product launch among existing and potential customers. Reena was able to execute a detailed and targeted plan of action to ensure our news was included in several key trade publications. Along with helping us reach our target audiences through the secured coverage, Reena helped us gain a better understanding of how effective PR can benefit our overall objective.”

-Gretchen Teichgraeber, President & CEO, Leadership Directories, Inc.

“Reena is an amazing healthcare public relations practitioner. She has an incredible work ethic and as a consultant has been able to jump into any team quickly and seamlessly with her trademark positivity. She has been a true asset as a consultant, and I always look forward to having Reena on the team. I would highly recommend Reena!”

-Cathleen Graham, Vice President, Human Resources

“I've worked with Reena multiple times on several projects and to say she's a star would be an understatement. Reena can jump into any project at any time and really run with it. Reena is also extremely versatile so, we've worked together across the spectrum of projects - media outreach, event planning, materials development. I will happily work with Reena again and again.”

     -Andrea Pellicciari, Managing Director, Public Relations Specialist​​​     

“Reena is an extremely intelligent, capable public relations professional whom I had the pleasure of working with on a national crisis analysis project. Reena provided excellent insights and research associated with consumer perceptions and ongoing media coverage surrounding the 2010 BP oil spill. Her work was instrumental in delivering a successful crisis analysis presentation to a major client.


On a personal note, Reena is a pleasure to work with and brings a positive energy to her contributions. I recommend Reena both professional and personally.”

-Carolyn Knott, Public Relations Director

“I have worked with Reena on some of the most challenging (and rewarding) public relations projects and am consistently impressed with her stellar performance and level of professionalism. Reena is a very strong tactical executor with a meticulous eye for detail - and who never misses a deadline. As a seasoned strategist, Reena always keeps her eye on the big picture which is an invaluable asset to her team and clients. No project is too big or too small. Her fun-loving, positive attitude makes her a joy to work with! She's one of the best independent communications professionals I've collaborated with - and I recommend her with the highest regard.”

-Amy Takis, Public Relations Specialist

“Reena is smart, responsive, and thoughtful.”

-Sarah Giarrusso, Healthcare Public Relations Specialist

"Reena has the ability to come into any project at any time and really run with it - no project has been too big or too small. She is extremely detailed oriented but always with an eye on the big picture. When I have a new project I always go to Reena first and trust her guidance, she is a pleasure to work with!"

 -NüD Supplements COO Naomi Ostrove 

"Reena and I met in 2013, while working together to help a new company with a one-of-a-kind product launch. As a SEM specialist, I came to the table with different skill set than Reena's extensive PR experience, but we had a common goal to help our client succeed. 

From our first meeting, Reena came in with a clear PR strategy and was completely open to collaborate to ensure our client had strong results. For her, it was all about, 'how can we help each other to make this campaign as successful as possible?' Reena cares about the bigger picture, not her individual goals, and in a competitive space, it was very refreshing to see."

-SEM Antics CEO Leeza DiGriz

"Reena is an outstanding PR colleague to consult/work with. Her industry experience and professional contacts allow her to bring incredible value to the clients or projects that she is engaged with. She is an asset to the teams that she collaborates with."

-Medical Sales Consultant Joanne Van Deusen 

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